Responsible Carjackers Make Sure Boy They Accidentally Kidnapped Gets To School

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Two carjackers have been responsible and made sure that a boy, who they accidentally kidnapped, made it to school on time.

A mum in Norfolk, Virginia, experienced a parent’s worst nightmare when two men drove off in her car, not realising that her eight-year-old son was sat on the backseat.


However, police soon found both the car and the boy safe and unharmed only ten minutes later after the pair of thieves dropped her son off at school.

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The mother, who works in a post office, told police she regularly leaves her eight-year-old son in the car with it running so he can listen to music while she starts work, before taking him to school. She’d been working for 30 minutes when she came back out and found the car, and her son, were gone. Fortunately, it didn’t take long to track him down.

Norfolk Police Department spokesman Daniel Hudson told WAVY 10 that: “We found the child at school, unharmed, sitting in the classroom with a smile on his face.”

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He went on to explain that two men jumped into the car and noticed the boy. To put him at ease, they told him they were there to take him to school. The boy told the men where he went to school and admitted to being a little frightened, but that they did not hurt him.

Police are now investigating whether the mother put her son in danger saying:

The investigators are still trying to determine if there was any type of danger to the child while the keys were inside the vehicle, running.

They don’t want to jump to conclusions, they want to talk with her, figure things out.

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