Revoke Article 50 Petition Hits One Million Signatures

by : Julia Banim on : 21 Mar 2019 15:07
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A petition to revoke Article 50 has hit one million signatures, showing a staggering rise in interest following Theresa May’s latest address to the public.


In her speech from 10 Downing Street, Mrs May argued the public were ‘tired of infighting and political games’, stating:

You want this stage of the Brexit process to be over and done with. I agree. I am on your side.

However, could it be that Mrs May has misjudged the mood of her country? Indeed, the great British public have shown they are anything but ‘tired’, and have been fired up to take action.


Following Mrs May’s speech, signatures on the Revoke Article 50 Petition skyrocketed, with many Brits expressing concern on social media over how the Brexit process was being handled.

According to this petition:

The government repeatedly claims exiting the EU is the will of the people. We need to put a stop to this claim by proving the strength of public support now for remaining in the EU. A people’s vote may not happen, so vote now.

So far, there have been signatures from high profile remainers such David Mitchell, Brian Cox, Jennifer Saunders and Hugh Grant. The amount of people rushing to sign was so great, the website actually crashed.

The petition has averaged approximately 1,000 signatures per minute. Far from wanting Brexit to be ‘over and done with’, it would appear Brits still very much want to voice their opinions regarding this process.

Two years is a long time to mull over a weighty decision such as Brexit, and it is only natural that many people feel differently now than as they did during the 2016 EU referendum.

Jess from Manchester originally voted to remain in the EU. She originally thought she would vote to leave should there be a second referendum, out of respect for the democratic process rather than on account of her own personal views.


However, the ‘mess’ seen in parliament over the last week has given Jess grave concerns over the prospect of leaving the EU, stating, ‘it actually scares me now’.


Jess told UNILAD:

So I originally voted remain (and would do so again given the chance) but when a few months ago they were campaigning for a second referendum I said I’d vote to leave (though this isn’t what I wanted) just out of principle as it wouldn’t be democratic to have a second vote when the first hasn’t been honoured and to stay in after we voted to leave would be really embarrassing as a country and would cause chaos amongst those who voted out and never got what they voted for.

However, this past week Brexit has turned in to such a mess that I genuinely don’t want us to leave at all, like it actually scares me now. All the delays are just solidifying the fact that nobody has a clue and it just makes me so worried.

So I signed the second referendum petition this morning (in which I would vote remain again in), because at this point I believe it would be democratic to have another vote. But it should be positioned as ‘knowing what you know now, would you rather remain or leave?’ I’ve kind of done a U-turn on myself twice now and have reverted back to where I started…

Digital Specialist Rob Weatherhead voted to remain in the EU and believes politicians from all sides are ‘gambling the UK’s future’. Nothing he has seen over the past two years has persuaded him that leaving the EU would be a good idea.

Rob told UNILAD:

I voted remain and nothing I have seen has dissuaded me that that is what we should do.

What has been astounding however is how all parties have shown blatant disregard for the best interest of the country and through stubbornness or for their own interests are gambling the UK’s future.

I am a Labour voter, but honestly don’t know how I would vote in a new election if Jeremy Corbyn is still leading the party. He has had the perfect opportunity to build a true opposition party by challenging the Conservatives and to actually take a stance on Brexit, yet he has continually failed to do so.

The arrogance has been astonishing since the start from the ‘this will be the easiest deal ever’ comments to other claims made pre-vote which nobody has been held accountable to.


Rob continued:

Even more recently the steadfast view of some that this is ‘the will of the people’ which is proven wrong over and over again. And now a deal that nobody has voted for, and not even parliament wants, that has been intentionally delayed so that it is this deal or no deal.

Theresa May is, for me, going to go down in history as the politician who took the country off a cliff for no reason other than personal desire for power, or serving her paymasters who were set to benefit financially. She has intentionally run down the clock in order to push her deal through and leave it as the least terrible options.


Travel blogger Tom Bourlet has expressed concern regarding the impact of Brexit on the travel sector, telling UNILAD:

I’m happy to put myself forward as someone who has signed the petition. It feels like we have been endlessly walking towards either a terrible deal which will severely damage the British economy, or no deal which will cripple the British economy, despite this all being avoidable.

I don’t judge or hold any grudge against ANYONE that voted for leave, as I think the propaganda used was substantial, but now it has been shown as lies and manipulation, I like to think a second referendum would show a very different result, or at least I hope.

It’s the fact that May keeps saying she is representing the British by pushing for it, despite the referendum results highlighting that it was almost an even split between stay and leave.

As a travel blogger I’m even more concerned, as it will hit the travel sector quite a bit. Plus I don’t like the sounds of paying for a visa when travelling to EU countries.

This is the fastest petition in history to reach one million signatures, and warrants serious discussion in parliament.

What are your thoughts on this petition?

You can sign the petition for yourself here.

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