Ric Flair Reveals What It Was Like To Binge Drink With Andre The Giant


Before he was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame, Ric Flair came from humble beginnings.

The Nature Boy used to drive Andre the Giant round on wild nights at Midwestern clubs, getting a glimpse into the booze-fuelled future that awaited him upon achieving wrestling greatness.

Appearing on ESPN’s Dan Le Batard Show, Flair tells the story of one crazy night in 1975 ‘at the Downtowner in Charlotte’ when Andre necked 106 beers.

If anyone could take that leg-wobbling, stomach-churning, gut-wrenching amount of beer, it’s André René Roussimoff – nicknamed the giant for his 540ld frame, reaching 7ft 4in.

It’s not just beer that the mountain of a man was partial to either.

Flair added:

Hey, I’ve been on a plane, on a 747 with him going to Tokyo out of Chicago, on No. 4 on Northwest.
We drank every bottle of vodka on the plane. 540 lbs. Brother.”


According to Flair, Andre was a decent wing man too – apparently ladies flocked to the giant out of the curiosity, on a mission to find out if the pro-wrestler was ‘proportional’.


It is unclear whether these women were curious about the proportion of genitals to body mass or ratio of blood to alcohol after one of Andre and Flair’s benders.

I guess we’ll never know.