Richard Hammond Wrecks £200,000 McLaren Supercar

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Richard Hammond has gone and wrecked another supercar while filming for his show, The Grand Tour.

The 47-year-old destroyed the £200,000 McLaren 720S thanks to filling the tank up not with petrol, but water.

It comes after the £2 million hill climb accident, which left him fighting for his life and before that, the 2006 drag race where his car became engulfed in flames.

Hammond’s water gaffe was revealed during the ‘Nigel’ awards on the latest episode of The Grand Tour.

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Jeremy Clarkson and James May handed him the award, aptly titled ‘The accidentally filling up the petrol tank of a supercar with water.’


Hammond, armed with a water cooler, said:

It was running low on fuel and rather than take it off to a petrol station which was miles away, I filled it from one of the jerry cans.

Speaking to the Radio Times last month, The Hamster opened up about his horrific crash back in June, where he lost control of a £2 million Rimac Concept One supercar, driving at speeds of 120mph.


Hammond said:

I remember all of it, right from when maybe I was going too fast and went over the edge.

Then sky, ground, sky, ground, like being in a tumble dryer full of bricks. I thought, ‘Oh God, I’m going to die. This is it. I’ve had it.’

When it finally stopped, I knew I’d broken my leg, and it felt as if I’d broken a load of ribs, too, but that was just bruising from the seatbelt.

I was jammed there and I couldn’t open the door. I was really struggling and flailing as I battled to get out. And then I stopped.

That was when I heard crackling and realised the car was on fire. It was going up. So I thought I had better increase my efforts to get out.


His wife Mindy added:

He said: ‘I’ve had a bit of a shunt’ and I knew it was serious. His words implied it was a big one. I could hear panic around him and I fell apart.

I went back to 2006, thinking, ‘Oh my God, oh my God,’ because with a brain injury like the one he had, you can sound completely fine and not be.

None of us in our little family dares think what the outcome would have been if he hadn’t scrambled his way out of that car. He told me at one point that he gave up, and then thought, ‘No, I have to get out.’ It was close. He was extremely lucky.

Most of us are fortunate to escape looking death in the face. Richard’s done it twice and that’s two times too many.

I reckon he needs to reign it in a bit to be honest?

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