Richard Madeley Blasted After ‘Outrageous’ Drink Spiking Comments Live On Air

by : Hannah Smith on : 21 Oct 2021 10:49
Richard Madeley Blasted After 'Outrageous' Drink Spiking Comments Live On AirITV/Alamy

Richard Madeley has been accused of ‘victim blaming’ after his ‘outrageous’ remarks while interviewing a girl who had been spiked. 

Amid concerns about rising reports of drink spikings in bars and nightclubs across the UK, Good Morning Britain spoke to Jemma Wolstenholme, who was the victim of a spiking, but Madeley’s line of questioning left viewers less than impressed.



‘Your drink was spiked. Presumably you were taking precautions, keeping an eye on it? Any idea what happened?’ the presenter asked the university student, who explained that it wasn’t until the next day that she realised she had been spiked after being unable to figure out how she got home.

‘I was in London at the time and I didn’t know if I got a taxi home or the train, which was immediately a big flag in my mind,’ she said.

However, rather than being sympathetic to her ordeal, Madeley continued to push Jemma to explain whether she’d tried to avoid being spiked, asking her ‘but had you been taking precautions? Obviously you’re aware of the risks of drinks being spiked? Had you been trying to protect your drink? Had you kept your hand over it? Did you keep it with you?’


‘Yeah, well it’s sort of second nature now because we’ve been told for so long that we need to be careful whose near our drinks. So if I did leave it, it was left with my friend,’ Jemma said, adding ‘it’s still a bit of a mystery as to how it happened but you see people finding opportunities wherever they can.’

Eventually, Madeley’s co-presenter Susanna Reid stepped in to stop Madeley’s line of questioning, telling Jemma that it wasn’t her fault she’d been spiked, but viewers quickly took to social media to criticise Madeley’s approach, with one person tweeting ‘thats right Richard, let’s question the girl if she was careful enough!’

‘Victim blaming once again,’ another person wrote.


Jemma’s experience comes as concerns are being raised over reports of female students being ‘injected’ with date rape drugs while in bars and nightclubs, with one person arrested over spiking incidents in Nottingham earlier this week.

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