Rick And Morty Could Be Returning With A Christmas Episode

by : Julia Banim on : 11 Dec 2018 21:52
We could be getting a Rick and Morty Christmas special.Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Even though the latest episode of Rick and Morty aired nearly a year and a half ago, the fandom remains as intensely loyal as ever.

Unlike other popular TV shows, it has never been quite clear when the next episode is going to drop; and those who try and figure it out could well be left feeling dizzy.


However, some fans believe they have solved the mystery of when there will be more Rick and Morty; theorising we could well be getting a special Christmas episode…


Now, those with long memories and who pay close attention to detail will recall the post-credits scene for season two of the zany animation series.

During this scene, Mr Poopy Butthole addressed the audience and dropped some highly specific clues as to when they could expect season three to air; giving the following prophecy:


Tune in to Rick and Morty season three — in like — a year and a half… or longer!

Mr Poopy Butthole’s predictions turned out to be true, with season three coming out exactly one and a half years later. Despite prejudice blighting his name, fans began to trust in the wisdom of Mr Poopy Butthole; hanging on to his every word.


And so, once the post-credits scene from season three rolled around, fans were listening intently when Mr Poopy Butthole looked straight into the ‘camera’ and proclaimed:

See ya for season four in like … a really long time! I might even have a big, white Santa Claus beard!

Now, seeing as how Mr Poopy Butthole was pretty much spot on last time around, fans have been eagerly analysing his words for any breadcrumbs.


Many believe the reference to a ‘big, white Santa Claus beard’ could well suggest there will be a return at Christmastime.

After all, season three began with an April Fool’s Day episode but didn’t return until July of the same year. Could we be getting a new episode on Christmas Day itself?

By the time we are tucking into our turkeys on December 25, 2018, it will have been over a year and two months since the end of season three. Surely this constitutes as being ‘a really long time’?


As reported by the International Business Times, season four has been commissioned with an order for 70 episodes. The lengthy nature of the season could therefore mean a longer wait for eager fans.

Speaking on The Detroit Cast earlier this year, writer, producer, and voice actor Ryan Ridley revealed:

I know how long this show takes to write, let alone animate. I’d be surprised if there was a fourth season on the air anytime sooner than 2019… late 2019.

He continued:

They really take their time.

I never understood why everybody, all parties, Dan, Justin, and Adult Swim, didn’t get their shit together, and make the show fast.

I just don’t get it. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m sure they all have their reasons.

Hopefully the wait will pay off for the dedicated fanbase!

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