Rick And Morty Creator Announces He’ll Make ’70 More Episodes’

by : UNILAD on : 10 May 2018 17:49
Rick And Morty Season FourRick And Morty Season FourAdult Swim

The highly anticipated season four of Rick and Morty has just been announced and people are going crazy with excitement.


Co-creator and voice actor in the show, Justin Roiland, made the announcement over Twitter.

But wait, it gets better. More than just another series – a massive 70 episodes have been confirmed too.

Posting onto Twitter, Roiland wrote:


More Rick and Morty coming. Looking forward to all the tweets asking where it is! #theydrawingit

The tweet was accompanied by a drawing which stated:

May 10 2018. Rick and Morty. 70 more episodes.

Wubba lubba dub-dub.

When asked in the replies if this was real, Roiland responded:

I can confirm this is real. It’s real Morty. Skud is real. He’s REAL. He’s REAAAALL. SKUD IS REALLLLLLL MORTY. HES REAL. SKUD IS RRREEEEEAAAAAALLLLL

It certainly sounds real – especially considering Adult Swim renewed the cult series for another season back in March.


However what isn’t known is when we will be able to feast our eyes upon the delights that season four is holding.

Earlier in the year, another of the show’s writers, Ryan Ridley, revealed the show had not even entered production, meaning the new season could potentially not come out in 2018, or even 2019.

He pointed out the scripts for Ricky and Morty’s third season wrapped in November 2016 and aired eight months later on Adult Swim.

Telling Hypebeast:

They really take their time. I never understood why everybody — all parties, Dan, Justin, and Adult Swim — didn’t get their shit together, and make the show fast. I just don’t get it. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

I’m sure they all have their reasons. I know how long this show takes to write, let alone animate. I’d be surprised if there was a fourth season on the air anytime sooner than 2019… late 2019. Get your shit together, you guys. Get it all together, and put it in a backpack.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly Harmon disclosed he had no precise date when production would start.

Rick and Morty has been confirmed for 70 more episodesRick and Morty has been confirmed for 70 more episodesAdult Swim

He said:

I’m still learning how to do the show efficiently while catering to the perfectionist in all of us. I would like to think I’ve learned enough from my mistakes in season 3 that we could definitely do 14 now, but then I have to say, ‘Yeah but you’re the guy who says we can do 14 who turned out to be wrong so we’re not listening to you now.’

The nice healthy way to approach this is I want to prove it with the first 10 [episodes] of season four — prove it to ourselves, to production, to the network — that it’s so easy that we’ll earn additional episodes. Because I never got this far [working on NBC’s] Community. I fell apart in season three of Community and got fired in season four. Now I’m about to do season four of Rick and Morty and want to prove that I’ve grown.

However Roiland has claimed that ‘they drawing it’, so does that mean that production is underway? Who knows… At least we know it’s coming back, eventually…


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