Rick And Morty Fans Riot At McDonald’s Because There’s No Szechuan Sauce

by : Tim Horner on : 05 Oct 2017 16:35
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This weekend branches of McDonald’s across America tried to do a PR stunt with the Szechuan sauce from Rick and Morty and people got silly and now we’re talking about McDonald’s again.

Branches of the popular fast food outlet took advantage of the cult television show making them cool again by offering customers the opportunity to fill their faces with that sweet Mulan McNugget sauce.


You know, the sauce that essentially all of existence is all about… Ok, maybe it was funnier the first time around.

Anyhoo, it was so popular some branches ran out of the stuff, and people started acting like the smartest man in the universe, Mr Rick Sanchez, and got all entitled and started rioting. Or something.

Here’s a YouTube to explain it:


Police were called to ‘at least one outlet’ to calm things down after people started chanting ‘we want sauce’, according to the Guardian.

Turns out social commentary can be misinterpreted as a handbook on how to live your life like a giant adult baby. Maybe they were doing it ironically?

One branch in Wellington, Florida, dashed the hopes of fhungry folk by not having any sauce.


In Newark, NY some children wasted some perfectly good padded envelopes by making some signs with some hashtags which made their demands so much more heartwarming and relevant:

In Delaware, the message hadn’t got through to some branches of the fast food outlet, leading some fans to be morty-fied:


Also in Florida, there weren’t enough packets to go around, as one Szechuan sauce expert called out McDonald’s for their lack of forethought and planning:

The marketing stunt comes as the third season of the Adult Swim cartoon has drawn to a close.

A few days ago it was revealed over Twitter that Elon Musk, a non-fictional genius, is a massive Rick and Morty fanboy, and they had a big old bromance for the world to see.


Musk tweeted the Rick and Morty Twitter account telling them how good the final episode of the season was, saying it was ‘disgustingly good’, and it kind of blossomed from there.

And the Rick and Morty team responded all like:

The singularity is a point in time in which artificial intelligence will overtake the intellectual abilities of humanity, and at that point we’re all basically doomed.

Which, when you think about it, can’t come around soon enough if this is how people really start acting in public and treating each other.

Makes me want to take a trip to the Blender Dimension.

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