Rick And Morty Hilariously Tease Impatient Fans With This Epic ‘Preview’

Adult Swim

Across the multiverse billions upon billions of sentient beings are crying out in frustration: ‘Where is Rick and Morty Season Three’? 

Thankfully you don’t need a multi-dimensional cable box to catch an early glimpse of the upcoming season thanks to those bloody good guys down under at Adult Swim Australia who released a little teaser for the show today.

So with no further ado let us show you what we got…

Feeling annoyed at the fact you just got ‘Rick‘ Rolled? Well’ I’m afraid that’s just the waaaay the news goes.

At least you can admire that it’s a beautifully edited version of a Rick Roll? Nope, it doesn’t make it sting any less does it? We were heart broken too, including one writer who just said:’This is not okay’.

If it makes you feel any better should Rick’s theory about infinite multiverses prove correct it means that there is at least one version of you out there who’s already seen Rick and Morty Season Three.

The sad thing is he’s probably got a hamster up his butt or been turned into some hideous Cronenburg monster.