Ricky Gervais Takes Down Some Misconceptions About Atheism


Ricky Gervais has never been shy about discussing how he doesn’t follow religion or believe in God, and now he’s taken down some of the biggest misconceptions about atheism in a new interview.

According to the Independent, in the Q&A session with journalist Nicky Clark, the comedian, writer and actor criticised people who misconstrue atheism for arrogance, before turning the claims of arrogance back on those with religious beliefs.

Gervais claimed believing that a god could be responsible for good things that happen even as tragedies continue to take place across the world is the ultimate form of arrogance. Shots fired!


He went on to list some of the biggest misconceptions about atheism, adding:

From equating it with Satanism to subtle confusions like ‘atheism is the belief there is no God’ as opposed to ‘atheism is the lack of belief in a God.’ A particularly annoying one is that atheism is smug or arrogant. What can be more arrogant than believing that the same God who didn’t stop the holocaust will help you pass your driving test?

Gervais then took to Twitter to expand on his thoughts, and gave his followers a brief lesson in the differences between atheism and agnosticism.

This isn’t the first time Gervais has had to defend his atheist beliefs against claims of arrogance. Hey, the man just loves his science, okay?