Right Now Is The Best Time To See The Northern Lights Over The UK Tonight


The spring equinox might still be another month away but the nights are already getting noticeably lighter – if you’re lucky it might get even more so with the Northern Lights predicted to be visible in parts of the UK.

Aurora Borealis at this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen? Well, not quite.

BBC Weather forecasters predict those in Scotland will have the best chances of seeing one of nature’s coolest wonders, as this nifty little vid shows:

The tweet explains:

There is a reasonable chance of catching a glimpse of the #AuroraBorealis across northern Scotland tonight.

Skies should stay mainly clear for the first half of the night before cloud moves in from the west later on.

The Northern Lights have been spotted above Canada, Alaska, Sweden and Finland in recent days and with clear skies predicted for the first half of tonight, the weathermen and women are saying 8pm should be the best time to catch them.

Whoever said we can’t have nice things in this country?

It’s not going to be clear all night, so it would seem some clouds tonight will have green linings.