Rihanna Accused Of Photoshopping Carnival Pics After Fans Spot Something Dodgy

by : UNILAD on : 09 Jul 2017 18:23
RihannaRihannaInstagram/ badgalriri

Everybody’s seen the Rihanna snap that’s going around the internet of her in full carnival attire.


The internet blew up when it was posted with support for the star, after she suffered a barrage of body-shaming abuse online.

But eagle-eyed fans have spied a little something dodgy on the pic, which some are suggesting points to a photoshop job.

Instagram/ badgalriri

In the image, two thumb nails can be seen on Ri-Ri’s right hand, which could reveal a botched edit.


Obviously, people are calling her out on Instagram and highlighting the weird extra appendage.

One user commented:

Super cool….. But you have six fingers…. Not a good use of photoshop

Another said:

Am I the only one seeing two nails coming from her thumb?

Rihanna hasn’t responded to the allegations of doctoring the image, nor has the photographer Dennis Leupold.

The pic was taken at Crop Over Festival’s Kadoonment Parade in Barbados which Rihanna attends every year.


To add to the controversy on the image, Chris Brown commented on the snap with an oggling eye emoji, which people were not happy about.

People were quick to remind him of the 2009 break with Rihanna after allegations of physical abuse towards her.

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