Rihanna Has Been Helping A Gay Fan Come Out To His Friends


Rihanna’s well known for loving her supporters, but she’s taken her compassion to a new level by privately helping a gay fan come out to his friends.

The fan, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been struggling with his sexuality and reached out to Rihanna for help over Twitter.

The fan told Buzzfeed that he reached out to RiRi a month ago because he ‘felt like he didn’t have anyone else to talk to who would understand’. And Rihanna has been helping him ever since, messaging him with her support and encouraging him with advice.


Speaking to Buzzfeed, the fan said that he has been grappling with his identity as a gay black man, but Rihanna’s messages have ‘helped him realize that he shouldn’t be ashamed of who he is’.

He also added that he hopes to have fully come out by July, when he will be meeting up with RiRi on her Anti world tour.

What a great story – we wish him all the best!