Ringo Star Answers Who’s Better: The Beatles Or Justin Bieber?


Beatles or Stones? Bah, move aside. The depressing question of our times is now apparently Beatles or Justin Bieber.

So let’s take a gander at the weigh in.

Active for just ten years we have The Beatles, widely regarded as the greatest band the world has ever seen.

This working class four piece went from Merseybeat classics such as Love Me Do and Please Please Me in ’63 to I Want You (She’s So Heavy), While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, and Rocky Raccoon – to name but a very, very few – just a matter of years later. That sort of progressive metamorphosis is simply unheard of nowadays.

The list of musicians, writers, and artists The Beatles influenced is simply innumerable – it really is.


In the other corner for this musical showdown we’ve got Justin Bieber who… well, burst onto the scene with the whiney and irritable sounding Baby back in 2010, propelling him to the status of heartthrob to countless pre-pubescent girls across the face of the Earth.

Following this soul-destroying success – Justin Bieber seemed to try and mix things up, becoming mildly rebellious, driving under the influence, smoking weed, and sleeping with prostitutes. Fucking Tony Montana over here.

He then released Purpose back in 2015 and found himself with a new audience of older simpletons with a tremendous lack of musical bones in their body.


With just two Beatles left nowadays, TMZ caught up with Ringo Starr who’d been dining with ex-Eagles’ guitarist and legend, Joe Walsh, to ask him the question of our generation. Beatles or Bieber?

More specifically TMZ asked Starr, ‘If The Beatles and Justin Bieber were touring together in their prime, who would open?’.

Starr responded:

Justin [would open]. [The Beatles] all the way, brother. But we love Justin.

So there you have it folks.