Rita Ora Biography, Parents, Songs, Album, Age, Instagram and Net Worth

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Rita Ora Biography Parents Songs Album Age Instagram Net WorthRita Ora Biography Parents Songs Album Age Instagram Net WorthPA

Rita Ora is a renowned British pop singer. Her exciting livelihood keeps her in the limelight, and she has also enjoyed stints on TV due to her fame and popularity.

Who is Rita Ora, how old is she, how tall is she and what’s her background?


Rita Ora’s full name is Rita Sahatçiu Ora. Although it’s not completely uncommon to have no idea who Rita Ora is, it turns out she’s a British singer and also a movie star. She was born on November 26, 1990 and is Albanian, with her place of birth being Pristina, Kosovo. At the height of the Albanian persecution in the country, previously known as Yugoslavia, Rita’s family fled to England. Ora was only a year old at the time. She was educated in England and her singing talent was displayed from a young age. The singer is 28 years old and stands at 1.66 metres.

Why is Rita Ora famous and what’s her occupation?

It’s a question that has passed many people’s lips, and one that stumped the judges on Germany’s version of The Voice as seen in the above clip when she tried to prank them, but they had no idea who she was.


Though she had been singing for years, Rita Ora had her breakthrough in February 2012 after featuring on DJ Fresh’s hit single Hot Right Now. The track performed exceptionally, topping the charts in the United Kingdom.

Later that year, the star released her debut album, Ora, which took the UK by storm. RIP and How We Do, which were the album’s lead tracks, wowed numerous fans and consequently garnered the majority vote as the top songs in the UK for several weeks running.

The successes of 2012 will remain indelible in Rita’s career, as she ended the year as the artist with most number 1 hits in the UK. In addition to singing, Rita indulges herself in other ventures including acting, endorsements and TV appearances. In her early teens she appeared on British drama series The Brief. Other TV stints include Rita appearing as a judge in the ninth season of The X Factor.

Rita Ora Biography Parents Songs Album Age Instagram Net WorthRita Ora Biography Parents Songs Album Age Instagram Net WorthPA

What is Rita Ora’s net worth?

After analysing her earnings and success, Spear’s estimate Rita Ora’s net worth is £12 million, as of April 2019. Her primary source of income is music, which she complements with other side activities such as designer endorsements and TV appearances.

How much does Rita Ora earn?

In 2016, Rita earned a total of £3 million, despite not releasing any music. The money came in through her two firms, Ora Live and Ora Multi Services Ltd. Additionally, through her brand deals with Tezenis and Adidas.


Does Rita Ora wear wigs, is her hair real?

Naturally, Rita Ora’s hair is brunette and curly. However, she often sports wigs and extensions of different designs and colours, due to the demanding nature of her profession. Most-commonly, though, Ora is seen sporting caramel blonde locks.

Who is Rita Ora dating, how long have they been dating, who has she dated in the past?


Currently, Rita is reported to be dating a fellow musician, Andrew Watts. The relationship is rumoured to have started last year, with the two having been spotted together on several occasions. In the past, Rita has dated a host of famous stars. They allegedly include Bruno Mars, Rob Kardashian, Jonah Hill, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Evan Ross, Dave Gardner, Calvin Harris, Lewis Hamilton, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber. She caused controversy in 2017 posting about a ‘date night’ with Conor McGregor.

Is Lewis Hamilton dating Rita Ora, how did the rumours start?

Before Lewis quashed the rumours, many alleged that the two celebrities were seeing each other. The climax of the gossip was when Rita was spotted supporting Hamilton at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2016.

When did Rita Ora date Calvin Harris, why did they break up, did he stop her from performing I Will Never Let You Down?

Rita Ora and Scottish DJ Calvin Harris dated from 2013 to 2014. She admitted that Harris was her first love, though her demeanour during a trip to Mexico disgusted Calvin. Rita was continually uploading pictures of her partying with other men on her Instagram page. This irked Calvin, who used his Twitter account to disclose the news of the breakup. Calvin was so bitter that he blocked Rita from performing their hit track I Will Never Let You Down at the Teen Choice Awards because he did not approve.

What is Rita Ora and Jay-Z’s relationship history?

More than once, Rita has wrongfully fallen victim of accusations that she had an affair with hip-hop sensation, Jay-Z. Beyoncé’s die-hard fans always seem to front the accusations. She has, however, taken to Twitter to quash the allegations and reiterate her respect to renowned R&B songstress Beyoncé, who is Jay-Z’s wife.

What is Rita Ora’s Snapchat and Instagram?

Rita’s snapchat username is Officialritaora, and her Instagram handle is @RitaOra.

Have Rita Ora’s nudes ever been leaked?

Celebs often fall victim to paparazzi, and Rita Ora is no exception. Photos of her topless on holiday in Jamaica flooded the internet.

What are Rita Ora’s biggest songs and albums, what awards has she won?

Rita Ora currently only has one studio album, Ora. According to Billboard.com, her top three songs are; Black Widow, in which Iggy Azalea featured her, How We Do (Party), and I Will Never Let You Down, which are all singles. Over the course of her impressive career, Rita has also won numerous accolades, with the most notable ones being Urban Music Awards’ Artist of the Year, Bambi Awards, BMI Pop Awards, and Glamour Awards’ UK Solo Artist gong.

Has Rita Ora had breast implants, what plastic and cosmetic surgery has she had done?

Stories in the social media suggest that Rita may have undergone plastic surgery procedures, but none of them have yet been confirmed. For now, they remain rumours.

Is Rita Ora in Fifty Shades of Grey?

In the movie rendition of famous novel Fifty Shades of Grey, Rita plays the role of Mia Grey, sister to main character Christian Grey.

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