Rival Terror Groups Troll ISIS Using Vimto


Even other terrorists hate ISIS so much that they’ve begun to troll them online, this time using Vimto.

A jihadi group in Yemen have begun to mock ISIS and its ‘caliphate’ alleging they fake their battle scenes in propaganda, the i100 reports.

The claims come from Hidayah Media, the propaganda arm of a rebel group associated with al-Qaeda, who are currently fighting in Yemen against ISIS and several other groups.


In their latest propaganda video, a man who allegedly defected from ISIS claims that all the victorious battle footage of ISIS soldiers is faked and that the cowardly extremists are using Vimto as a substitute for blood.

The defector goes on to say that ISIS fighters lie on the ground covered in Vimto, and pretend to be dead Houthi rebels. Whether the claims are true or not we don’t know but it’s pretty funny especially the bizarre use of Vimto which has been amusing a lot of people online.

ISIS spokesperson Abu Muhammad al-Adnani has also been transformed using photoshopped into a Vimto delivery man.


BBC Trending claim that the speech bubble is a play on his famous quote about ISIS armies drinking blood and says: “We have armies in Iraq and Syria that are hungry like lions: they drink Vimto and eat samosas.” It definitely loses something in translation doesn’t it.

Surprisingly Vimto is popular across North Africa and the Gulf and is often drank during Ramadan. Although they get a far more concentrated version which is much redder than the purple stuff drunk in the UK – perfect for faking blood.

So there we go just another,day, another meme taking the piss out of ISIS…