Riviera Gipsies Made To Leave Swansea After Coming From Monaco For Holiday

rivera webTom Martin

When you live in Monaco, it must be pretty hard to find a holiday destination that is better than where you spend the majority of your time.

In the case of the Riviera gipsies, only one holiday destination will do. Swansea. Yeah, you read that right. Swansea. As in the Welsh city, with 30 families making the trip every single year.

Having made said trip for four years in a row now, you’d think they would have a hotel to stay in or at least a campsite that they frequented, but the gipsies decided to break a gate in order to camp out on public land.

rivera web1Tom Martin

The land is popular with families and sports players, and their arrival did not go down well.

The locals were furious, with one resident claiming:

If we did that in France, we’d be kicked out after five minutes. It’s not fair. This is the only flat park in Swansea where children can play football and hockey, but because of them they can’t.

riv 4

Despite being made to leave by police, the group were unrepentant, even vowing to return next year, claiming it was the ‘gipsy way of holidaying’.

rivera web 2Tom Martin

One man was even arrested after refusing to leave, with the holiday makers stating:

We love it here. It is beautiful – beautiful women, beautiful town.

They eventually left, driving off in their fleet of top of the range cars.