Road-Rage Driver Floors Two Motorists With One Unbelievable Punch

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 12 Dec 2019 18:01
Road-Rage Driver Floors Two Motorists With One Unbelievable PunchCEN/@etorostovnadonu

This is the moment a burly driver decks two men with just one punch in a Russian road-rage incident.

The startling scene was recorded near a Shell petrol station on Nagibina street, in the city of Rostov-on-Don in south-western Russia’s Rostov Oblast region, by a surveillance camera.


In the video, a Lada Priora can be seen pulling into the side of the road followed by a Niva 4WD. The driver and passenger of the Priora step out of the car and walk towards the Niva, whose driver also gets out of his vehicle.

Check it out:


The pair from the Priora stand either side of the burly 4WD driver and appear to argue with him. The Niva driver then suddenly throws a huge punch, connecting with both men in their faces and sending them crashing to the ground.


A female passenger in the Niva gets out and walks towards her companion, who continues fighting the two men as they get to their feet.

A young boy then runs out of the 4WD as one of the Priora pair punches the man in red. Onlookers and staff from the garage are then seen coming to calm the trio down.

Road-Rage Driver Floors Two Motorists With One Unbelievable PunchCEN/@etorostovnadonu

Reports state the Niva driver was eventually calmed down and drove away from the scene.


Social media users were, naturally, quick to comment on the hefty punch. Netizen ‘picachu’ said: “Why did he stop the car? He could have continued driving. Nobody made him pull up by the petrol station.”

And ‘Bykanov.2015’ added: “One of the good things about the Niva driver is that he is a tough guy. One of the bad things about him, is that he can easily get convicted for his actions.”

Road-Rage Driver Floors Two Motorists With One Unbelievable PunchCEN/@etorostovnadonu

It is unclear if the police are investigating the incident.


While I’m sure those receiving the double punch wouldn’t want to endure it again, some people in Russia actually slap each other for sport (legally, of course).

Popular in Russia, slapping contests are regarded to be a display of patriotism, with competitors requiring strength, skill and the well-honed ability to slap somebody silly.

And such competitions can sometimes wrap up in unexpected ways, with footage having now emerged which shows a Slapping World Champion being knocked out for the very first time by a comparative rookie.

Slapping CompetitionGolders/@simakovsergey_

In the video, which you can see here, the former champion Khamotskiy gets KO’d after the first swipe, marking his very first failure after entering the sport on a whim and being encouraged to compete in a Siberian Power Show competition.

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