Road Rage Drivers Fight With Baseball Bats And Sticks In Brutal Video


Road rage is pretty ugly, but in this case it’s also highly entertaining.

Clearly suffering a case of the Monday morning blues, these two drivers from Austin, Texas, decided to express their emotions through a traditional duel.

Sadly, they didn’t have broadswords or armour, so they had to make do with a baseball bat and a stick.

Check it out:

What a sight to see during your commute to work.

The video was captured by 19-year-old Noel Esquivel, who uploaded it to his Twitter page.

Speaking to KVUE Esquivel said:

I just didn’t expect this to happen. I just pulled out my phone.

And it’s a good job he did, otherwise there wouldn’t be awesome parody edits like this:

Incredible work.


Kieron Curtis

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