Road Rage Legend Ronnie Pickering Is Auctioning His Car Online


Do you know who he is? He’s road rage legend Ronnie Pickering, and he’s using his fifteen minutes of fame to do some good.

The viral sensation – if for some reason you don’t know who he is by now – became an internet star last month, when a video of him kicking off at a motorcyclist went viral, being viewed millions of times online.

$_57 (2)eBay

Now Ronnie fucking Pickering’s auctioning off his famous red Citroen Picasso on eBay for charity, saying he wants to ‘give something back’ to the community.

Ronnie’s signed the front bonnet, and written ‘Do you know who I am?’ on the door.

$_57 (1)eBay

After the video went global on YouTube, Ronnie met up with his old friend Dave Giblin down the pub, who suggested Ronnie should auction off his vehicle to raise funds for the L6ve Life charity.

Lee Newton, who suffers from Motor Neurone Disease, set the charity up to raise awareness of the condition and to help find a cure.

Being the absolute top bloke he is, Ronnie agreed and the car went up on eBay last night.


At the time of writing the car’s on the site for £65,000, a number that’s rising very rapidly – it’s gone up about £40,000 in the last five minutes – with 144 bids in total and nine days left.

So if you want to own a piece of Ronnie Pickering history and donate to a good cause, get yourself over to eBay. It’s an absolute double whammy.