Road Rage Legend Ronnie Pickering Speaks Out About ‘That Incident’

by : UNILAD on : 29 Sep 2015 10:15
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Ronnie Pickering – the gift that keeps on giving.


You might remember yesterday that we reported on Hull legend Ronnie Pickering, the man who challenged a motorbike driver to a bare knuckle boxing match on the side of the road. Of course you remember, everyone who sees Ronnie Pickering remembers Ronnie Pickering.


Anyway, after going viral yesterday, he’s back.

Ronnie, 54, has given an interview to the Hull Daily Mail, in which he apologised for his angry outburst. He said he was on his way back from Asda when the other motorist baited him.

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Pickering said: “I’d like to apologise for my outburst. He really got to me. I am not an aggressive guy. He was baiting me so I thought I would give him a few of my thoughts.”

He says he was subjected to ‘extreme provocation’ by the ‘muppet’ who filmed the incident, portraying him as ‘some kind of a monster’, and went on to give his version of events:

I heard a tap, which I thought was the driver using his boot to hit my car. I don’t know why he did this. He overtook a load of cars that was queueing. He encroached into my safety gap. I was wanting to turn right, but he wouldn’t go. I felt as though he was baiting me.

Ronnie Pickering wants to meet up with the guy to talk it all through.


His neighbour, Peter Jackson (probably not that one, although I like to think Ronnie Pickering moves in famous circles) also jumped to his defence, saying: “Ronnie is a sound bloke. You won’t find anyone around here saying a bad word about him.”

Yeah that’s because they don’t want to be challenged to a bare knuckle boxing match in the street.


He’s Ronnie fucking Pickering for fuck’s sake.

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