Road Rage Legend Ronnie Pickering To Give Club Appearance And People Are Pissed Off


He’s back.

Just like The Terminator, Hull road rage legend Ronnie Pickering is back with a vengeance.

This time he’s been booked to make an appearance at the Kasbah nightclub in Coventry, and for some bizarre reason people are unhappy about it.

Pickering became an internet star last month, when a video of him kicking off at a motorcyclist went viral, being viewed millions of times online.

ronnie-pickering-facebookRonnie Pickering with the last idiot who challenged him to a bare knuckle boxing match - Credit: Facebook

But the reaction to the most hotly anticipated club appearance of the year has been overwhelmingly negative, the Coventry Telegraph reports. Some of the reactions included:

David O’Donaghue: It doesn’t sink any lower than this…

Simon Hopley: How does being an obnoxious violent man make you a star?!

Angie: Idiots at Kasbah rewarding idiotic bullies. What a society we live in that people think this is OK.

Kasbah clarified their decision to book the internet sensation on Facebook:


He’ll be making his appearance on Friday October the 24, and I’m off to start queueing now.

And here’s that video again, just ‘cos:

What’s wrong with the people of Coventry? They all need to line up outside and feel the merciless wrath of a Ronnie fucking Pickering bare knuckle boxing match.