Road Rage Motorist Who Cuts Up Cyclist Gets Dealt Some Instant Karma


Man Expressing Road Rage

Some road rage footage from Glasgow has emerged, featuring a heavy dose of karma.

Cyclist David Brennan was on his way to work when a van driver tried to cut him up. The van driver then starts arguing with Mr Brennan, and is so distracted swearing at the cyclist that he smashes into the back of another car.

Mr Brennan told Mail Online:

It was just one of those things – a bit of karma really. The driver cut in front of me so I shouted at him before cycling off.

He followed me, clearly wanting to speak to me. I could hear him shouting something like ‘You fucking prick’ as he came up behind me.

He obviously wasn’t concentrating and hit the car in front – luckily not too hard.

Mr Brennan caught it all on his helmet-cam, and here’s the footage:

What a silly bastard.