Robber Accidentally Released From Jail Early Taunts Police With Photos Of Him Relaxing

Mug ShotSky News

Officials at Wandsworth Prison in South West London made a bit of a whoopsie recently when they accidently released an armed robber from jail early. You had one job…

And now Ryan Byrne is taunting police while on the run by posing for photos in various locations, including in front of a police van.

Pic 1The Sun

The 34-year-old was sentenced to nine years for burglary, robbery and theft, and still had up to 18 months to serve.

A source told The Sun:

Byrne was sitting in his cell having a cigarette last Wednesday when he was told he was free to leave. He couldn’t believe it. But he didn’t protest and has been enjoying his freedom.

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Don’t panic though, police have checked his mother’s house in Acton. He wasn’t there.