Robber Tries To Steal From Jiu-Jitsu Student, She Completely F*cks Him Up

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 18 Nov 2018 17:16
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It should go without saying that you shouldn’t steal from people. And despite it being one of the 10 commandments for the past couple thousand years, some people still need to learn the hard way.


Like this bloke in Manaus, Brazil, who apparently tried to steal a phone from a woman as she left her house.

Little did he know, however, that the person he was trying to rob was trained in jiu-jitsu, and a total badass, and was more than willing to teach the little sleazebag a lesson.

22-year-old Sabrina Leite had the criminal writhing around on the floor, screaming in pain as she kept him pinned to the ground with an impressive hold that involved her legs around his neck and his arm stretch out behind him.

Check it out:


Sabrina had been in front of her house when the thief and an accomplice rode up on a motorbike, according to reports. The unnamed man, 18, then jumped off the bike and demanded her phone.

Instead, Sabrina had other plans, and chased the man down when he started to flee the scene after she refused to give up her phone.

She said:

I could feel that they didn’t have anything (weapons), they just arrived scarily saying ‘pass the phone’.

I saw they didn’t have anything and that’s why I reacted. If they had been armed I would never have reacted.

He was running away. My neighbour went after him in the car and reached him. Then I ran and immobilised him with a sleeper hold, I lay on the ground and put him in an arm lock.

Of course, a manoeuvre like that shouldn’t be attempted by just anyone, Sabrina is a trained martial artist after all.

She said:


It’s all a question of technique. I have been training for four years, I’m still a white belt. Ranking and belts don’t matter to me.

Sabrina spent 20 minutes on the ground with the criminal-turned-victim, until police arrived and apprehended the man for attempted robbery. They are still looking for a second suspect, who fled the scene.

It seems karma is often ready and waiting for petty criminals trying to get away with a quick smash and grab.

One would-be robber was caught on camera in Alexandra, just north of Johannesburg in South Africa, by a motorcyclist who spotted the man trying to pull a bag out of a car while the driver was still inside.

Check it out:

Filmed by Anton Damhuis, who just happened to be passing, the robber was served a delicious slice of instant karma as Anton rode towards the scene and pinned the thief against the white car.

The man in the reflective top fell to the ground, but managed to get away and ran down a road before disappearing from view of the camera. In hot pursuit, Anton turned his bike around and weaved through traffic after him.

The robber dropped the bag, and it was later returned to the person in the white car.

Nice one, Anton!

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