Robber Tries To Take Cash From Guy At ATM, Shit Gets Real

CCTV News/YouTube

The phrase ‘crime doesn’t pay’ couldn’t ring truer than in this case…

This is the dramatic moment a man knocked out a potential mugger who attempted to rob him at a cash machine.

CCTV News/YouTube

A video shows the apparent victim standing at the ATM as he begins withdrawing money from the machine, but a couple of seconds into the clip another man enters the frame and immediately confronts his target.

It looks like he leans in to grab the ‘victim’s cash out of the machine, but I don’t think he banked on the man fighting back.

CCTV News/YouTube

Once he notices the mugger is about to ‘steal’ his cash, the man suddenly turns around around slaps the man’s hand away before a scuffle breaks out between the pair.

The tables turn very quickly and eventually the supposed ‘victim’ throws a final punch and knocks the suspected robber out cold. Wow, that’s embarrassing.

CCTV News/YouTube

The man then returns to the machine and takes his well earned cash before leaving the foyer, leaving the suspected mugger motionless on the floor.

Chinese news site CCTV News posted the footage, claiming the clip was captured at an ATM in Deyang City, in the Sichuan Province of China.

The suspects was immediately detained after the man called the police, reports say.

One thing is for sure – that’ll probably put him off cash machines for life.