Robbie Williams Filmed Using Hand Sanitiser And Looking Disgusted After Touching Crowd


Pop icon, Robbie Williams seems to think his audience is full of dirty scumbags, apparently.

As New Year’s Eve celebrations were broadcast from the capital city’s of the world last night and onto into the morning, Robbie Williams rung in his 2017 with a little joke at the expense of his fans and Joe Public.

While performing a contemporary rendition of Auld Lang Sein for Robbie Rocks Big Ben Live on BBC One, the ex-Take that singer joined hands with the crowd, as is traditional.

Henry Bond/Wikimedia

After he’d hand enough of the presumably clammy hand embrace, Robbie ran past the front row of the audience, giving high fives and slapping people’s dutifully outstretched hands.

Once back on stage, away from clawing hands, Robbie whipped out the hand sanitiser to wash off all that ‘normal person’ ick.

He pulled a disgusted face to camera, making it clear the scene had been conceived for comedic effect.


The whole charade was dubbed ‘the moment of 2017’ by Twitter, which might feel like an overstatement… But considering at this point 2017 was only a few seconds old, perhaps Twitter is right.

During the evening’s live show in the shadow of Westminster, the notorious cheeky chap managed to dodge the BBC’s strict no-swearing rule by getting his audience to do his dirty words for him…

What a scamp.