Robert Mugabe Has Resigned


Robert Mugabe has just resigned as president of Zimbabwe, according to emerging reports.

After 37 years in power the 93-year-old has stepped down as leader of the country following significant parliamentary pressure.

There was a military coup against Mugabe just last week and parliamentary efforts over the weekend to impeach the president after he didn’t step down.


However, today he has stepped down in a letter to parliament, reiterating that his decision to step down remained entirely voluntary.

The news has been met with excitement in Zimbabwe, with Parliament exploding in ‘jubilation’ at the news, according to The Guardian.

Impeachment proceedings against Mugabe began earlier today after rumours spread Mugabe was digging his feet in and refusing to step down.


There were widespread celebrations on the streets outside parliament after they had congregated to protest his position.

He is expected to be replaced by Emmerson Mnangagwa, ex-vice-president to Mugabe.

There has been speculation for some time that China has had some sort of involvement in the growing unrest in Zimbabwe.


However, Beijing have completely denied such allegations and said the claims are a plot to defame the reputation of China.

They also claim it is an attempt to ‘derail’ China-Africa relations.

The Chinese embassy in South Africa said:

Some people are trying to link China to the political crisis that is taking place in Zimbabwe in order to drive a wedge between China and Africa and to undermine China’s image.

[The allegations are] illogical, inconsistent, and filled with evil motives.


The statement continued:

China has long enjoyed friendly relations with Zimbabwe. When Zimbabwe was facing isolation and sanctions from the west, China stood firm on its principles and remained by Zimbabwe’s side, developing mutually beneficial cooperation which brought benefits to both countries and peoples.

The link being made by some western media outlets between this normal bilateral exchange and the political crisis in Zimbabwe is pure speculation with ulterior motives.


This recent development leaves some questions about the stability of Zimbabwe.

More will become clear in the coming hours and days.