Roblox Gamer Posing As Journalist Infiltrates White House Press Briefing For Weeks

by : Julia Banim on : 18 Apr 2021 16:56
Roblox Gamer Posing As Journalist Infiltrates White House Press Briefing For WeeksSecMontagu/Twitter/PA Images

A Roblox gamer posing as a journalist has managed to infiltrate White House press briefings for weeks.

The online Lego gamer, who goes by the name ‘Kacey Montagu’, managed to relay questions to Press Secretary Jen Psaki while not actually being physical present at the briefings, claiming this was due to pandemic protocols.


‘Montagu’ claimed to be a reporter from the non-existent White House News (WHN) and managed to ask questions undetected for a number of weeks, quizzing Psaki on topics such as coronavirus travel protocols and President Joe Biden’s relationship with former President Barack Obama.

‘Montagu’ even managed to attract various high-profile White House officials and journalists as followers on their two Twitter handles, apparently managing to fit in quite well without raising suspicions.

As reported by Politico, ‘Montagu’ has claimed to be ‘an 18-year-old law student from the United Kingdom who was born in the US before moving across the pond with their family at age six’.


However, some have speculated that Montagu is more likely to be a Roblox gamer, with many of the platform users being known to refer to themselves as ‘Legos’ in a jokey manner.

Speaking with People via a series of Twitter messages, ‘Montagu’ explained how, in their words, they had begun putting their questions forward:

I began doing this by sending an email to the Press Office at the White House asking to receive emails from them — this would include pool reports and allowed me to see who would be in the briefing room — I would simply email them my question.

I did this to see if we could have a bit more transparency, as I noticed a lack of it in regards to the readout of calls, etc.


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‘Montagu’, who has declined to give their true identity, added that their intentions hadn’t been ‘malicious’, explaining that they had just ‘wanted answers to questions from the White House’.

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