Robots Could Replace You At Your Job Sooner Than You Think

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The future is here – robots are going to start replacing jobs on a massive scale by 2020.

According to the Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS), at least.

The KEIS revealed a list of jobs that may be taken over by artificial intelligence, and those that are unlikely to be affected.

The good news? Those who work in a creative profession, such as acting or photography, or hold a position where people skills are required, such as nursing or teaching, are probably safe.


The bad news is if you deliver for a living, or work in a factory, you may well be sacked.

The report identified 406 jobs in total that were at risk – with guards, delivery men and concrete workers topping the list, followed by butchers, street cleaners and factory workers.

And given the increased use of drones lately, it comes as no surprise that couriers are at risk of being replaced by robots. Some drones have even already been tested and trialed as a new courier strategy, with the hopes of introducing 27/7 delivery to homes. Butchers, street cleaners and factory workers could be next.

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If your occupation requires you to work based on human emotion, though, chances are you’ll keep your job. Artists, writers, actors, and similar roles are unlikely to ever be replaced by A.I. robots.

Researcher Park Ka-yeul, said: “A.I. will only replace repetitive work and sensible main decision-making will still remain exclusive to humans.

“It’s beneficial for humans, because we can avoid hard manual labor and concentrate on more important decision-making.”

And this isn’t the first time a robot takeover has been predicted. Last year, the Bank of England warned that 15 million jobs could be lost to A.I. Scary.