Rock N Roll Gran Breaks Out Of Care Home To Get First Tattoo

pic 1Mercury

A great-gran from Northern Ireland encapsulated the YOLO lifestyle when she ran away from her care home to get her first tattoo.

Rock n Roll gran Sadie Sellers, 79, managed to sneak out of the home in Derry with her granddaughter Samantha. Her absence was only noticed when her son Tony came to pay his daily visit, to find the wheelchair in her room was empty.

He tracked her down to a tattoo parlour, where he said:

Samantha was sitting there smiling. I saw three big lads in their 20s, covered in tattoos, and in the middle was mum getting one herself.


She went for a heart design on her arm, and when the tattoo artists asked what her family would think of her new ink, she casually replied:

I don’t fucking care.

You tell ‘em, Sadie.