Rocker Meat Loaf Collapses While Performing On Stage

by : Tom Percival on : 17 Jun 2016 09:42


Legendary rocker Meat Loaf collapsed on stage last night during a concert in Canada. 

Fans at the gig in the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton say that the 68-year-old singer was performing I’d Do Anything for Love when he collapsed.


According to a spokesperson from the Alberta Health Services ‘a patient’ was transported from the concert to the hospital, but wouldn’t confirm the patient’s identity or condition, NBC reports.

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The incident comes after Meat Loaf, real name Marvin Lee Aday, cancelled a Monday night concert in Calgary because of illness.

Callie Young, 29, who was at the show said:


For the whole show Meat Loaf seemed a little out of it. I actually told my boyfriend I was having a hard time enjoying the concert because I was concerned for his health.


Young went on to say that the during the show the singer took an hour long break but during the first chorus of I Would Do Anything for Love he collapsed.

The venue’s security team and the crew ran out on stage and surrounded Meat Loaf before telling people to leave in ‘a calm, orderly fashion’.


This wouldn’t be the first health scare that Meat Loaf’s had, back in 2012 he told Reuters that he didn’t want to travel anymore. While in 2011 he collapsed on stage and later claimed it was a result of concussions and complications from asthma.

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