Rockstar Granddad Shreds Epic Guitar Solo Leaving Music Shop Staff In Awe


What hobby does your granddad have? Crown green bowls? Stamp collecting? Golf? Well this rockstar granddad has smashed unfair stereotypes by showcasing his awesome skills on the guitar.

Bob Wood is 81-years-old and with his age comes bags of experience with a six-string.

The grandfather from Bethpage, Tennesse, walked into a local store and launched into a solo performance of Besame Mucho, a Mexican song.

The staff of British Audio Service were left stunned by Bob’s skills and can be heard at the end of the video stating ‘That was awesome!’.

The video was originally posted in 2014 but has resurfaced once more as testament to just how epic the performance is.

He’s got the skills to pay the bills has Bob.