Rockstar Share First Trailer For GTA Online’s Massive New Update

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Rockstar have shared the first trailer for a massive new GTA Online update, aptly titled Further Adventures in Finance and Felony

Due out on June 7, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony lets you take on the role of a CEO. But instead of playing golf in your office and pretending to look busy when people are watching, you’ll be building a criminal empire, Kingpin style.


You’ll oversee all the important aspects of your budding empire, from making sure your illegal wares are being transported through the city safely, to disrupting rival supply chains.

You can even open up new offices, expand, and hire your very own assistant – don’t be afraid to dream big guys.

A line from the video description reads:

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony continues a player’s mission to become the ultimate criminal kingpin of Los Santos and Blaine County in one of GTA Online’s biggest and deepest updates yet.


There’ll also be a slew of new gameplay modes to enjoy, and a host of fancy new vehicles befitting your new status as criminal overlord of Los Santos.

One such vehicle is the Pegassi Reaper, which you can see above. Isn’t it shiny? Red too. Shiny and red – what a car. (I know nothing about cars).

Check out the trailer just below.

While it definitely stings that we still have no sign of any single player DLC for GTA 5, these consistently excellent updates to GTA Online should be more than enough to keep us ticking over.