Rolled Ice Cream Actually Exists And You Need It In Your Life

by : UNILAD on : 23 Aug 2015 17:19


Everyone loves a good ice cream in the summer, when the temperatures are sweltering – or at least, the rain has stopped for a couple of days, and now, the treat has been taken to the next level.


You can actually buy rolled ice cream, which looks and tastes as good as it sounds.

It is made by pouring liquid ice cream on a metal plate, and adding whatever topping you wish – so chocolate, strawberries, marshmallows, you get the picture.

You then freeze it, and once it has set, a fancy looking roller is used to get the desired shape.



It looks mouth-watering, and let’s be honest, is far more visually pleasing in pictures than the good old scoop.

When you consider just how many people like to put pictures of their treats on Instagram these days, we could be on to a winner.

The treat has taken social media by storm, and there are probably far more inventive hashtags to come.


Oh, and it’s been popular in Thailand for quite some time now, and it seems that NYC are finally catching on.

No word as of yet for when the UK will though…

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