Ronda Rousey Got Paid A Crazy Amount Per Second For Her Loss To Nunes


In case you missed it – last night’s UFC 207 main event saw Amanda Nunes defeat Ronda Rousey to retain her women’s UFC bantamweight title.

And to be fair it’s actually pretty likely you did miss it – in her first fight for 13 months Rousey was annihilated by Nunes in just 48 seconds.

Yep, after weeks of hype surrounding Ronda’s first foray into the octagon since her defeat to Holly Holm back in November 2015, her eagerly anticipated return lasted less than a minute.

But, it’s not all bad news for Ronda Rousey. Once the swelling goes down and her bruises – including those on her ego – start to fade, she’ll still be able to enjoy the fruits of her labour as she rolls around in a fairly substantial mountain of cash.

For her 48 seconds in the octagon, Ronda received an eye-watering $3 million (£2.4 million). That’s $62,500 (£50,641) per second:

It’s easy to sniff at, but of course it isn’t just the 48 seconds witnessed last night that the payout covers.

The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, the months and months of intensive training that go into an elite level bout is not something that just anyone could do.

And to be fair, the overwhelming majority of people buying the pay-per-view would’ve been there for Rousey due to her status within the sport.

Comparatively, it’s reported that Nunes stood to make around $100,000 (£80,000) from her appearance, which seems off-kilter as she was the defending champion at the time…

But, on the bright side, this was Nunes’ fifth victory in a row since she took the title off Miesha Tate at UFC 200 back in July with her record now reading 14-4-0.

With stats like that it shouldn’t be too long before she’s raking in the big bucks as well…