Ronnie Pickering Moped Driver Is At It Again In New Road Rage Video

by : UNILAD on : 07 Jan 2016 11:30

The moped rider who filmed Ronnie Pickering’s now infamous road rage rant has had another confrontation with a driver.


But, in a dramatic twist, could it be that he was in the wrong and Ronnie Pickering was in fact the most misunderstood hero of 2015? Steve Middleton uploaded the footage to YouTube from his helmet camera showing the moment a black BMW overtook him on Stoneferry Road, in Hull last summer.

With his video post Mr Middleton claims:

This idiot overtook me too close and fast, so I had a word. He had a whole clear lane he could have used instead of passing me so close.


However, having watched the footage, it doesn’t seem like the car driver actually did too much wrong – and with Mr Middleton claiming that he had another encounter with this BMW driver a couple of weeks ago, could it be that it is actually him who is pissing off other road users?


In the edited video, Mr Middleton is seen riding up to the BMW driver who asks: “What are you gawping at?” Mr Middleton replies: “Why did you just fucking pass me so close?”

Like Ronnie Pickering, the driver also spots the camera but continues to hurl abuse, saying: “Are you fucking daft? It’s a good job you have that fucking camera on. I would fucking crack ya, you silly cunt.”

Mr Middleton told the Hull Daily Mail:

People should know that I always wear a camera and I’ll always upload footage if someone does something silly in front of me. For me, it’s about educating drivers. If they don’t want to see themselves viewed by thousands, or even millions, on YouTube, they should have regard for other road users.

Hull Daily Mail

Following this latest development, Ronnie Pickering also spoke to the Hull Daily Mail:


The man is playing Russian Roulette with cars. He’s going to mess with the wrong person one day. I told you he was a muppet. The muppet strikes again.

Could it be that Mr Middleton is a little put out that it was Ronnie who gained infamy after their exchange? In case you’d forgotten – he’s fucking Ronnie Pickering.

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