Rude Bastard Asks Woman To Prove She’s Pregnant On London Tube

Raayan ZafarRaayan Zafar via Evening Standard

A pregnant mother was told to prove she was with child by a man on a London Tube.

Raayan Zafar was wearing a ‘baby on board’ badge when she asked a fellow passenger if she could have their seat, the Evening Standard reported.

The 32-year-old parent of one was just about to take the seat when another women moved to take it. When she informed the other woman she was just about to sit the man in the seat next to her became confrontational, asking her where the baby was.

According to The Independent Ms Zafar, whose bump is not visibly large yet but suffers bad morning sickness, was shocked, saying:

The lady realised I was going for the seat, but the person sitting beside it started arguing with me, saying the lady wanted to sit there and asking ‘Why are you taking the seat?’

I showed him my baby on board badge and he then rudely asked me: ‘Where is the baby?’

I was shocked – is that the way to speak to a pregnant lady? Do I have to carry my maternity notes with me all the time?


She added:

It’s early days so that’s why I don’t show, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pregnant or tired or sick all the time.

It was a long commute and I suffer from severe morning sickness – I’m on medication already.

I feel dizzy and out of energy, which makes standing in the Tube quite difficult when there is not enough ventilation.

The ‘baby on board’ badge was launched back in 2005, as a way for passengers to know a women is pregnant and eligible for priority seating on busy commutes without an awkward conversation.

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for this guy, though, and Ms Zafar was left feeling “really, really embarrassed” after the incident on the Victoria line Tube in Stockwell.

She also said she doesn’t think people take any notice of the badges:

People know about disabled people and they are more considerate because they can see it, whereas with a pregnancy they can’t see it at a certain time so they think everything is fine.

As a nation we are losing our etiquette.

Why did he even need to get involved? What an unnecessarily rude bastard.