Rudy Giuliani Makes Bizarre Prince Andrew Statements In Outrageous ‘Drunken’ Speech At 9/11 Dinner

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Rudy Giuliani Makes Bizarre Prince Andrew Statements In Outrageous 'Drunken' Speech At 9/11 DinnerPA/Walthero Thor/YouTube

Rudy Giuliani appeared to treat his speech at a 9/11 memorial event like a stand up comedy act, making comments about Prince Andrew and impersonating the Queen.

The former mayor of New York attended the memorial dinner that took place after the Ground Zero service to mark the terror attack’s 20th anniversary.


But, rather than discussing the devastating day that was 9/11, Giuliani appeared to talk about everything but, in what can only be described as wild ramblings.

Rudy Giuliani (PA Images)PA Images

The 77-year-old took his speech as an opportunity to roast several different people – the Royals included.

Prince Andrew is currently facing allegations of sexual abuse in light of his connections with the late Jefferey Epstein. Virginia Roberts Giuffre has alleged that the prince assaulted her when she was 17 years old and has since filed a lawsuit against him. Prince Andrew was served the papers on Friday, September 10, and the pre-trial hearing is being held in New York today, September 13.


Speaking about the prince, Giuliani said:

I know Prince Andrew is very questionable now. I never went out with him. Ever! Never. Never had a drink with him, never was with a woman or a young girl with him.

Giuliani also mimicked Queen Elizabeth II and claimed that she offered him a knighthood after 9/11.


Attempting to impersonate the Queen’s voice, he said, ‘[The Queen] said, ‘You did a wonderful job, on September 11, and therefore I’m making you an honorary knight, commander of the royal something or other’.’

He went on to say that if he’d have accepted the knighthood, he’d have lost his citizenship, which is inaccurate. Giuliani was given an honorary title 2001, but not required to give up his citizenship.

Giuliani also took aim at General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and President Joe Biden over the US’s recent withdrawal from Afghanistan.

You can watch it here:


Discussing Milley, he said, ‘I wanted to grab his – what is it, five stars? Ten stars? Twelve stars? – he had so many stars they’re coming up his ears. I wanted to grab his stars and shove it down his throat, and say, ‘It’s 400 miles from China, asshole’.’

‘China is going to be our enemy for the next 40 years,’ he added. ‘You have an airbase 400 miles from them and you’re giving it up, idiot? What the hell is wrong with you? Who pays you? Christ! That is crazy.’

Giuliani also described Biden’s decisions regarding Afghanistan in recent weeks as ‘freaking insane’, and that it ‘cannot be explained’.


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    Rudy Giuliani impersonates Queen and talks about Prince Andrew in wild speech at 9/11 memorial dinner

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