Rumoured QAnon Founder Is Running For Congress

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 15 Oct 2021 18:12
Rumoured QAnon Founder Is Running For CongressOAN/YouTube/Alamy

A statement of intent to run for congress has been filed by the man widely believed to be behind the QAnon movement. 

On Thursday, October 14, Ron Watkins announced that he would be running for Congress in Arizona, via a video on his Telegram channel.


The QAnon movement is a conspiracy theory based on the belief that some of Donald Trump‘s political enemies are Satan-worshippers, cannibals and paedophiles.

Watkins, a former 8chan administrator who many believe founded the movement, stated that he will be running as a Republican and has chosen to ‘double down with God as my compass to take this fight to the swamp of Washington DC‘.

Upon ‘formally’ announcing his run for a congressional seat in Arizona, Watkins also stated that ‘under God’s authority’, ‘we will take back Congress, flip the Senate and fix the presidency’, Business Insider reports.


Watkins’ filed statement of intent was first revealed by Dillon Rosenblatt via Twitter, who questioned: ‘Uhhh Uhhh Ron Watkins, aka Q of QAnon fame (or QBert), who has been spending a lot of time in Arizona lately endorsing Kari Lake for governor and Tom Horne for superintendent just filed to run in #AZ01?’

After the filing, the next step for Watkins to try and run for public office would be to win a ballot voting.

However, despite Watkins’ decisive action in filing the statement, Mike Rothschild, an expert on QAnon and conspiracy theory debunker, is ‘skeptical’ over whether his campaign is ‘serious’ and not a ‘fundraising scam’.


He wrote on Twitter: ‘This is also the seat that his conspiracy buddy Wendy Rogers ran for (and lost) in 2018. More will be revealed, I guess.’

In January, NBC reported that Watkins resides in Japan, which would mean he can’t run for office, as potential candidates need to live in the state.

Alongside appearing to be trying to run for a seat himself, Watkins showed support to former state attorney general Tom Horne and Kari Lake. Both are Republican candidates in the state and Lake was even endorsed by Trump as the state’s GOP gubernatorial candidate.


Despite denying his role as ‘Q’, Watkins was suggested as being the top man by HBO documentary, Q: Into the Storm.

Watkins also left his role at 8chan last year, but has still been embroiled in conspiracy theories, from one reportedly trying to dethrone Trump of the presidential election last year, to allegedly backing the audit of votes that was undertaken and consolidated Biden‘s win.

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