Runaway Lynx Fools Zookeepers With Second Daring Escape

by : UNILAD on : 09 Jul 2016 15:53
lynx2lynx2Dartmoor Zoo/Twitter

A lynx which escaped from Dartmoor zoo has evaded capture yet again after it got into traps laid out to catch it but instead just ran off with the food.


Two-year-old Falviu tunnelled out of his enclosure two days ago and staff have spent 48 hours trying to track down the animal amid numerous sightings, reports The Mirror. 


The hi-tech search party is using drones with thermal imaging technology, police trackers and even a helicopter to catch the lynx, however he managed to give them all the slip after marksmen were unable to hit him with tranquilliser darts.

The cunning cat has now evaded capture for a second time, after humane traps laid down to capture him were disturbed – only to have the food removed from them.

lynx1lynx1Dartmoor Zoo/Twitter

However, Dartmoor Zoo owner Benjamin Mee is remaining positive:

This is never going to be the kind of situation where he suddenly returns, but two of the humane traps we set have been significantly disturbed overnight.

He’s seen his usual food dangling there in front of him, dragged it to the corner to pull bits off it and dragged the trap along the ground.

He’s eating, but it’s not much so he’ll need to feed now.

As a result, staff are now building a bigger trap in the hopes it will encourage Falviu to settle and feed properly.


Experts say he poses no risk to humans, but Dartmoor Zoo has cut its opening hours in a bid to find Falviu and created a ‘quiet zone’ completely closed to the public.

He sounds like one smart feline to me.

Anyone who sees Falviu is asked to call 999 quoting log 252 of July 7th 2016.

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    Escaped lynx evades capture for SECOND time after outwitting trap and stealing food from it