Russia Accuses Daily Mail Of Inciting World War 3

by : UNILAD on : 12 Oct 2016 14:45
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Russian officials have accused both the Daily Mail and the Daily Star of causing ‘panic’ over World War Three. Glad we didn’t do that… 


Russia Today, the county’s state funded broadcaster, accused both the British papers of using an ‘unconfirmed report on a regional news site’ which suggested the Russian president Vladimir Putin had ordered the families of Russian official fly home.

Of course this implied that Putin’s finger was hovering over the big red button and that nuclear Armageddon was only moments away. Which it wasn’t…

Russia Commemorates 70th Anniversary Of Victory DayRussia Commemorates 70th Anniversary Of Victory DayGetty

In a statement RT said: 


An unconfirmed report in a regional news site appears to be enough for British tabloids to remind readers how ‘Big Bad Vlad’ secretly wants to nuke them.

The story came from Urals based news site Znak.com.

Meanwhile the i100 noted that both papers slightly exaggerated the danger in their social media packaging…

Poor thumb work…

Now that’s a great thumb…

The news soon spread to other more reputable news sites who are totally above ‘sexing up’ a story…



That said Mikhail Gorbachev has claimed the world is at a very ‘dangerous point’ due to the growing tension between Russia and the U.S. so who knows maybe we’ll be proved right.

To be fair if it does come down to it a lot of other people will be proved right including The Star, The Mail, The NY Post, Fox News, The Sun, The Express and The Metro.

What wonderful company to see in the end of the world with!

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