Russia Drops Terrifying Leaflets To Citizens Of Aleppo


As fears of an imminent and gargantuan Russian attack on Aleppo grow, Russian jets have dropped leaflets on the trapped citizens of Aleppo, warning that they will be ‘destroyed’. 

Just yesterday, the Kremlin agreed on a 10-hour ceasefire on the ISIS stronghold in order to ‘prevent senseless casualties’ and to allow both rebels and civilians alike a chance to leave the city themselves without a bombing spree, reports The Sun.

However now news has emerged from Aleppo that Russia has been dropping thousands upon thousands of leaflets on the scorched city which inform citizens: ‘if you don’t evacuate these areas soon, you will be destroyed’.


It is thought that around 250,000 citizens are currently trapped inside the city.

Amongst them is seven-year-old Bana Alabed, who became famous in the past few weeks for tweeting about the intense bombing campaign on her city.


Yesterday Bana tweeted about the Russian leaflets, writing:

Leaflets dropped by Russia tomorrow is our last chance. If we don’t get out tomorrow, don’t know if we will live or die Pray for us.-Fatemah.

At the time of writing the ceasefire has come to an end – however as of yet there are no reports of the expected Russian firebombing.


Sadly, I expect that it is merely a matter of time and even sadder is the fact that there is nothing that can be done to help the people of Aleppo who will soon suffer due only to the unfortunate circumstance of their birthplace.

The world is a dark, dark place right now.