Russian Actor Compares Unvaccinated People To Jews In World War II

by : Julia Banim on : 23 Jun 2021 18:42

A Russian actor is facing backlash after comparing the experiences of unvaccinated people to the persecution Jewish people suffered during World War II.

While attending Russia’s TEFI TV awards, the equivalent of the BAFTAs, Yegor Beroyev criticised restrictions imposed on unvaccinated people by Moscow, taking to the stage wearing a Star of David badge.


The Russian capital, as well as several Russian regions, have recently toughened up measures to encourage people to get their vaccinations in the wake of a new rise in infections.

Vaccinations in Russia (PA Images)PA Images

18 million Russians out of the 144 million population had been given at least one vaccination by June 2, Reuters reports.

Last week, Moscow authorities gave public services employers one month to ensure 60% of their staff members were given a vaccination. Failure to do so would see them face a fine.


Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin has ordered bars and restaurants to only serve those who have either been vaccinated or else had an infection indicating immunity. Those who have not had their vaccination are also reportedly being refused non-emergency hospital treatment.

Speaking before attendees at the awards ceremony, held on the evening of Tuesday, June 22, Beroyev compared these health and safety measures to the Holocaust, stating: ‘We are adults and respect each other’s choice: you know, my body is my business. But today I woke up in a world where it has become an identification mark: are you a citizen or will you be on a reservation, will you be able to visit institutions and events, will you enjoy all the benefits and rights.’

As per Russian publication, Novye Izvestia, Beroyev continued:


I have a question: how could we, the descendants of the winners, allow this to happen?

My point is that no human life and dignity can be sacrificed for the public good. It is written in blood in the Nuremberg Codex.

A person is inseparable from his dignity and freedom of choice, even if you do not like this choice and you wish him exclusively well.

Vaccination clinic Moscow (PA Images) PA Images

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Beroyev went on to ask those present to ‘do not allow us to be separated from you, do not allow enmity between us,’ before referencing some of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust by the Nazi party:

Do not allow the segregation of society into smart and stupid, people with Down syndrome and without, white and black people, Jews and non-Jews, vaccinated and the unvaccinated.


‘It already happened once. And our grandfathers paid in blood to prevent this from happening again,’ he added.

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