Russian Beauty Queen Stripped Of ‘Miss Charming’ Title After Being Exposed As Neo-Nazi

by : UNILAD on : 23 Jul 2015 14:12

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A Russian beauty queen, voted ‘Miss Charming’, has had her title removed after it was revealed she was a neo-Nazi. Charming.


Every year Russia’s Premier League holds a beauty contest, Miss Premier League, where each team selects their most attractive fan to represent them.

This year CSKA Moscow chose 21-year-old supporter Olga Kuzkova, she didn’t win the main prize, but impressed the judges enough to be voted “Miss Charming”.


But when someone checked her social media accounts, they found they contained the usual bikini shots and selfies, interspersed with the advocacy of white supremacy and the burning of the Jews.




She was subsequently stripped of her title, with the executive director of the league, Sergai Cheban saying:

We do not tolerate manifestations of fascism, nationalism and racism… I will be glad if this situation will help Olga [Kuzkova] sort out her worldview.

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Unfortunately, this incident probably won’t come as a surprise in a country where racism is rife. African players are routinely subjected to racist chants during matches, and with Russia set to host the 2018 World Cup there are fears for the safety of travelling fans.

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    Russian beauty queen loses title after it turns out she’s a neo-Nazi