Russian Boy And Girl Livestream Fatal Shootout With Police


Two runaway teenagers live streamed their dramatic shootout with the police before turning their guns on themselves.

The 15-year-olds, who’ve been named the ‘Instagram Romeo and Juliet’, allegedly barricaded themselves inside a house and opened fire on a police van.

Police attempted to negotiate with the teens but the pair instead turned their guns on themselves and committed suicide, The Mirror reports.


The teens, who are believed to be called Denis and Katerina, were allegedly afraid they’d ‘never see each other again’ if they surrendered to the police.

They had apparently been hiding out in the property in northwest Russia for the past three days after running away together following a row with Kateria’s family.

According to Denis’ Instagram page the teens were armed with rifles, knives and ammunition.


The pair filmed themselves on Periscope after being discovered and then engaged in a shootout with officers which ended with their deaths.

In the video, which they also posted to Instagram, Katerina explained why they ran away.

She said:

I wasn’t allowed to go, but I went anyway. They found me at night… It was harsh and it all happened in front of Denis and his mother… I ran away again.


The pair were later found dead and are believed to have planned their double suicide, with Katerina leaving a goodbye note on the Russian social network VK.

The Russian Investigative Committee confirmed that they confronted two ‘armed’ teenagers who had barricaded themselves inside a house but that after hours of negotiation the teens stopped responding and were found dead.