Russian Dashboard Camera Catches Footage Of A ‘Yeti’

by : UNILAD on : 20 Nov 2016 16:03

New footage has emerged which definitely, finally confirms the existence of the Yeti. Or maybe not.


Dashcam footage from Russia seems to show the elusive beast walking across a snowy road in Russia, and it’s throwing conspiracy theorists into a frenzy.

According to the Express, the travellers were driving close to a 5,213 ft high mountain, about 22 miles from the nearest village, when creature was caught on camera.

The ‘sighting’ was 162 miles southeast of Ufa, capital of the region also known as Bashkiria.



The figure appears out of the side of the road, before crossing and disappearing again, leaving all but the most cynical of us to believe that maybe it was just someone pissing about in the snow.

Another theory is that the ‘yeti’ was a wild animal poacher seeking to escape from police.

Vadim Gilmanov, who was in the car, told TVNZ: “I mean it could have been someone’s cruel prank. But on the other hand, who else could dash out so quickly in the middle of the night? In the middle of nowhere.”


But Dr Anatoly Yakovlev, a zoology expert at Bashkir State University, dismissed the claims that the legendary yeti had been spotted in this region.

He said:

No single expert – zoologist or paleontologist – has ever found a single bone of a yeti, not even excrements, I am sorry.

Nothing was ever found or seen.

Usually, these sightings are some hallucinations, a product of the imagination.

yeti-tombofthedragonemperoryeti-tombofthedragonemperorUniversal Pictures

It’s also worth noting that the stretch of road where the creature was supposedly sighted is famed for its Yeti sightings – which are mainly dismissed as hoaxes.

Another day, another conspiracy theory.

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