Russian Government Confirm Sinai Plane Disaster Caused By Terrorist Bomb Onboard


Russia’s security chief, Alexander Bortnikov,  has announced it was an ‘act of terror’ that brought down the Russian A321 airliner in Egypt last month, killing all 224 people on board – most of whom were Russian citizens.

Further to this, Bortnikov also announced that Russia would be offering a reward of $50 million for information on those behind the terror attack.

‘Traces of foreign explosives’ have been found on debris from the Airbus plane with Russian President Vladimir Putin saying he will ‘find and punish’ those responsible after a branch of so-called Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

According to a statement on the Kremlin’s website,  the bomb planted on board the plane was the  equivalent of up to 1.5kg of TNT.


Mr Putin said:

The murder of our people in Sinai is among the bloodiest crimes in terms of the number of victims. We won’t wipe the tears out of our souls and hearts. This will remain with us forever. But it won’t stop us from finding and punishing the perpetrators.