Russian Knight Takes Out Drone With Unbelievable Spear Throw


This could be one of the most incredible pieces of marksmanship the Internet – and certainly this drone – has ever witnessed.

At a recent medieval reenactment in Lipetsk Oblast, Russia (of course) one actor pulled off a spear throw a medieval knight would’ve been proud of.

According to Mashable the guy got so annoyed that a nearby quadcopter was capturing the event – probably because there were no drones during the Middle Ages – that he decided to take matters into his own hands.

In a pretty impressive show of skill he takes aim and absolutely nails the drone as it flies overhead, sending it spinning to the ground in a ball of flame and twisted metal  – well you can imagine that bit.


Since the javelin only had a soft tip, it reportedly did very little harm – and the man has apparently compensated the drone’s owner for the minor damage.

Maybe they should employ him to guard the perimeter of Heathrow airport – he could definitely keep out any unwanted drone intruders.