Russian Man Goes Viral For Throwing Cheating Girlfriend In The Bin


There are plenty of suitable ways to deal with a cheating partner. Literally throwing them in the bin is not one of them.

But a new video circulating on Russian social media shows exactly that.

The footage allegedly shows a man catching his girlfriend cheating on him, before walking her over to an industrial sized waste bin.

Once there, the man picks her up and slams – and I really mean slams – her into the bin.

Comments to the video like: “I hope he stands guard and waits for the garbage truck so she gets the whole experience,” and “Not all heroes wear capes,” show that, despite the blatant domestic abuse, viewers seem to be praising the guy instead of raising concern over the welfare of the woman.

There are better ways to deal with a cheating partner, like talking. Or not talking and just leaving. Really just anything but violent abuse.